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Fieldperforming (Live in Berlin)

by Michael Peters



Live performance using guitar triggered field recordings

In August 2007, I was invited by Rinus van Alebeek to perform on his "das kleine fieldrecordings festival" in Berlin (a wonderful series of concerts by many remarkable experimental artists).

I decided on a half-playback, half-interactive setup. Some longer field recordings (underwater insects and fish, rustling bamboo, etc) were overlayed with long fades of varying lengths to create a moving acoustic tapestry. For the interactive part, I chose a number of shorter field recording samples that I triggered with my midified guitar, or that I fed from an mp3 walkman via a small speaker into the guitar pickup. Occasionally, I even included some actual guitar playing, adding some tonal colors. I had a rough idea of how the performance should evolve but everything was improvised.

An interesting experiment, a new way to paint with sounds, and a new experience for me.

Rinus van Alebeek:
"Michael Peters came with his underwater recordings and street voices from Sardegna that were treated every now and then by his guitar playing. Treated means that a lot of technical and electronic things happen between the touch of the strings and the output by the loudspeakers. His set seemed to be reigned by the principles of Aeolus; some of his sounds moved as if they were picked up by the wind and thrown around, then moved back to silence again, but never could they escape this chaotic play that made your attention slide from one to another place."


released August 18, 2007



all rights reserved


Michael Peters Köln, Germany

Far away from the musical mainstream, always looking for new sound worlds: polyrhythmic minimal music, ambient sound clouds, avantgarde rock, abstract and atonal experiments, algorithmic compositions, field recordings, guitar and livelooping ... WIRE magazine has reviewed some of Michael's albums in their "Outer Limits" section - that says it all, more or ... more


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